Sunday, November 4, 2007


Phew... what a weekend! What a wonderful set of presenters and what an amazing variety of audience attendees we’ve had at this year's annual “2D OR NOT 2D Animation Festival” in Everett, WA.

The festival is hosted by “The Animaticus Foundation”… a non-profit organization I established to 'pr
eserve', 'teach' and 'evolve' the art of traditional animation this digital age.


Not that I’ve got anything against digital animation of course. Indeed, I love it (at least, the best of the best of it!) whether its "2D", "3D", "Claymation" or "Cut-out." Its just that with the ludicrous suggestion that Michael Eisner made a few year's ago, that 2D animation is ‘dead,’ I just HAD to do something to speak-out to the little guy… the smaller-scale artist who loves to draw, to make their drawings come alive and speak to the world through their movies. This is why The Animaticus Foundation was born. It is also why the “2D OR NOT 2D Animation Festival” was conceived... to celebrate the work of all those animators out there who, like me, had the passion and the tenacity to make their own independent films in a challenging environment.

Animation is not an easy art (and who amongst us ever said it was!) But these days it really is tough to stay in there and complete that trip of imagination we all embark on… especially when every frame and every moving image has to be manually drawn! Anyway, that’s the back story of how the Festival, and the Foundation came about. Now read on below about our second-ever event which just finished this weekend…


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